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Cattle slaughter is an essential process
in the meat industry, ensuring the availability of beef for consumption. In
abattoirs, various methods and equipment are employed to perform humane and
efficient slaughtering and bloodletting processes. This article provides an
overview of the three primary methods used in cattle slaughter and outlines the
key processes involved in the bloodletting line.

The first step in the cattle/cow abattoir slaughter line process is the killing and bloodletting stage. Please note that this process involves the humane and regulated slaughter of animals for food production

Why does it feel that the meat in the supermarket is better than freshly killed pork, beef and mutton? Why it tastes more delicious? The reason is that the fresh meat in the supermarket is transported from the slaughterhouse after chilling and separated. Now let us share why the fresh meat after slaughter need chilling.

The maintenance of abattoir equipment or slaughter machine is divided into daily maintenance, primary maintenance, secondary maintenance and tertiary maintenance according to the type, workload and difficulty of slaughter machinery and equipment.