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Hydraulic dehider skinning hide puller cattle cow abattoir equipment

After Cattle/Cow Abattoir Slaughter Line Process 2: Rail Changing & Pre-Skinning/Peeling, it is a very important slaughter process for a cattle/cow abattoir & slaughter line: Dehiding/Skinning/Peeling.

  • The pre-skinned/pre-peeled cattle/ cow is automatically transported to the peeling station. With the corbel chain, two front legs of the cow/cattle are fixed on the corbel bracket.
  • The peeling/skinning roller of cattle/cow peeling/skinning machine is hydraulically lifted to the position of the cow’s hind legs, and the pre-peeled/pre-skinned cowhide is clamped with the cowhide clip, and pulled from the cow’s hind legs to the head. During the mechanical peeling process, both sides’ operators stand on the single-column pneumatic lifting platform to perform repairs until the head skin is completely pulled.
Hydraulic dehider skinning hide puller cattle cow abattoir equipment
Click here to watch how a modern halal cattle/cow abattoir slaughter line works.
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  • After the cowhide is pulled off, the peeling roller starts to reverse, and the cowhide is automatically put into the cowhide air delivery tank through the cowhide automatic unfastening chain.
  • The pneumatic gate is closed, and compressed air is filled into the cowhide air delivery tank, and the cowhide is transported to the cowhide temporary storage room through the air delivery pipe

Next process is “Cattle/Cow Abattoir Slaughter Line Process 4: Carcass Processing“.

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