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What is the stomach/tripe washing machine in cattle/sheep/pig abattoir slaughter line ?

The stomach/tripe washing machine is mainly used for the cleaning process of pig, cattle and sheep belly/stomach/tripe. It is one of the most important slaughtering equipment. (click here to learn how to build a slaughterhouse or abattoir)

The main body is made of excellent stainless steel, which has the advantages of simple operation, low noise, clean and sanitary, etc., which can effectively improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity of workers. It is suitable for the slaughter equipment of large and medium-sized slaughter and processing plants.

Tripe washer stomach cleaning machine cattle cow abattoir equipment slaughtering machine halal
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Main technical parameters

  • *Material: Stainless steel;                        
  • *Cleaning capacity:200-230 kg/hour,around 50 stomach/hour                                 
  • *Power: 5.5 kw;                                    
  • *Machine dimension: 1500 * 950 * 1300 mm;                             
  • *Machine weight: 500 kg.                                    
  • *Hot water temperature: 62 ℃
  • *Water supply and drainage pipeline and installation are not included.
customer visiting abattoir equipment slaughtering machine halal slaughter line slaughterhouse tool
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  • After each belly washing machine is finished, flush the inside of the ball cavity with water pipe in time to remove the dirt.
  • Add grease to the main shaft bearing every six months. If the ball is worn out, the fit is loose, etc., the bearing should be replaced in time.
  • Regularly check the tightness of the transmission belt to ensure the effectiveness of the transmission.


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  1. What is the water consumption and elecrtical requirements to heat water from 20°C.
    Price as well please. For tripe cleaning ox.

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