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pig slaughter line pig hog swine abattoir equipment

The pig dehairing machine is mainly used to automatically remove hair of livestock such as pig after killing. It has many advantages such as clean, fast, efficient and convenient. The scope of application of the pig dehairing machine is very wide. It is one of most important slaughtering equipment for pig/sheep slaughterhouse. Today, I will introduce how to use the hair removal/dehairing machine.

Hydraulic dehairing machine pig hog swine abattoir equipment slaughtering machine
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1. Check all parts of the epilator first after unpacking. Make sure that each part of the epilator is strong and durable. Rotate the chassis to see if it is flexible. Otherwise, adjust the rotating belt.

2. After the position of the epilator is determined, install a knife switch or cable switch on the side of the machine.


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pig slaughter line pig hog swine abattoir equipment
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3. When slaughtering livestock, put the animals in the pool and soak them in warm water to warm their feathers. You can put some salt in the warm water to prevent the skin from being damaged when the hair is smashed.

4. Put the livestock in hot water of about 75 degrees to scald, and stir it with a wooden stick to make the whole body evenly scalded.

6. Turn on the switch, the machine is started, and while it is running, water is added to the livestock. The hair and dirt will be discharged together with the water, and the water can be recycled to remove the dirt on the skin of the whole body.

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