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Hydraulic dehairing machine pig hog swine abattoir equipment slaughtering machine

Pig dehairing machine is a very important pig slaughtering equipment in pig/hog slaughterhouse. Purpose: It is a kind of mechanical equipment used to shave pig carcasses after scalding. (Click here to learn what the main pig slaughter equipment for hog abattoir/slaughterhouse.)

Main structure and characteristics

Model 100 mechanical dehairing machine is composed of gate, clutch, frame, motor, large and small planing shaft and rake. Its characteristics are: adapt to the shaved operation of pigs of different sizes. The grid type bracket is added to support the pig body, which avoids the deformation of the soft planer shaft due to compression. The use of rubber planing claws does not cause damage to the surface of the pig’s body.

Hydraulic dehairing machine pig hog swine abattoir equipment slaughtering machine
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  • *Galvanizing Frame;
  • *Power: 5.5 kw;
  • *Dehairing Capacity: 150 kg/time;
  • *Dehairing Time: 20-25 seconds;
  • *Machine Dimension: 2460*1750*2130mm;
  • *Machine Weight: 1500 kg.

Key points of operation

After the motor changes speed, it drives the two planing shafts to rotate in opposite directions. The planing shaft is equipped with rubber shavings, and the pig rolls and rubs between the two planing shafts to realize hair removal. After shaved, step on the pedal, open the gate through the clutch, and the pig body automatically rolls out of the machine.

scalding and dehairing pig hog swine abattoir equipment
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  • The dehairing paddles have fatigue fracture after a period of use, and need to be replaced in time.
  • Manual control of dehairing time: 30-40 seconds.

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