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Three points electric stunning Conveyor pig hog swine abattoir equipment
Stunning plays a critical role in the pig slaughter line, ensuring a humane and efficient process. By temporarily rendering the pig unconscious, stunning enables safe and effective slaughter, reduces labor intensity, improves production efficiency, and enhances meat quality. This article focuses on the specific operation of pig stunning machines and their significance in the pig slaughter line. (What are the main pig slaughtering equipments needed for modern hog abattoir? )
Pig Stunning Machines for Different Abattoir Sizes:
This type of stunner is commonly used in small-scale pig slaughterhouses and abattoirs. Before using the manual pig stunner, operators must wear long rubber shoes and gloves to protect themselves from electric shock. The machine’s electrodes should be immersed in 5% saltwater to enhance conductivity.
Key Specifications:
Stunning Voltage: 70-90v
Stunning Time: 1-3 seconds
The three-point automatic electric stunning conveyor represents an advanced automatic pig stunning machine used in medium and large hog slaughterhouses and abattoirs. It plays a vital role in ensuring efficient and humane stunning.
Operational Process:
1. Live pigs enter the stunning equipment through the pig-driving passageway.
2. The pigs’ bellies are held, suspending their four hoofs in the air for 1-2 minutes to alleviate tension and minimize potential problems.
3. Stunning is performed on the brain and heart while ensuring the pig is in a calm state.
Key Specifications:
Stunning Voltage: 150-300v
Stunning Current: 1-3a
Stunning Frequency: 800Hz
Stunning Time: 1-3 seconds

Significance of Advanced Stunning Methods: The utilization of advanced stunning methods in pig slaughter lines has several advantages:

  • Improved Meat Quality: By utilizing efficient stunning techniques, such as the three-point automatic electric stunning conveyor, meat quality is enhanced as there are no blood spots or fractures. This method also delays the drop in pH value, leading to better pork quality.
  • Animal Welfare: Advanced stunning methods aim to minimize stress and discomfort for the pigs, ensuring a more humane and ethical slaughter process.
  • Operational Efficiency: The automated features of the three-point automatic electric stunning conveyor enable a smoother and more streamlined workflow, improving overall production efficiency.
Conclusion:The specific operation of pig stunning machines is an integral part of the pig slaughter line. These machines, whether manual or automatic, ensure humane stunning, enhance meat quality, and improve the overall efficiency of the slaughter process. Implementing advanced stunning methods not only benefits the operators and the abattoirs but also prioritizes animal welfare, resulting in high-quality pork products.

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