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Spiral dehairing machine pig hog swine abattoir equipment slaughtering machine

Last article, “Pig Slaughter Line Process 2: Killing & Bloodletting” in a pig abattoir slaughter line has be introduced.

After killing and bloodletting, the next process of pig abattoir slaughter processing line is scalding and dehairing. There are several methods/ways as following:

1.Pig scalding tank

  • Unload the bleeding pigs onto the receiving table of pig scalding tank through the pig unloader, and slowly slide the pig body into the scalding tank for scalding.
  • There are two ways to handle, including manual scalding and machinery scalding.
  • The water temperature is between 58-62℃. If the water temperature is too high, it will make the pig body white, which affects the hair removal or dehairing effect.
  • Scalding time:4-6 minutes.
  • A “skylight” is designed directly above the pig scalding tank to discharge water vapor.
Carcass scalding tank pig hog swine abattoir equipment slaughtering machine
Click “pig slaughter line demo video” to watch how it works.

2.Sealed canal-type pig scalding tank

  • The pig body after bleeding is automatically transported into the canal-type pig scalding tank through the downhill bend rail by the automatic bloodletting conveyor line.
  • The pig body should be scalded in a sealed canal type pig scalding tank for 4-6 minutes.
  • The pressure rod should be designed to press the pig under the water during the process of conveying and scalding to prevent the pig body from floating.
  • The scaled pigs are automatically transported out through the uphill bend rail by automatic conveyor line. The top sealed canal-type pig scalding tank has good heat preservation effect.
Carcass canal scalding tank pig hog swine abattoir equipment
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3.Steam pig scalding tunnel system

  • Hang the pig after bleeding on the automatic bloodletting conveyor line to enter the steam scalding tunnel.

This scalding method greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers, improves work efficiency and realizes the mechanized operation of pig’s scalding to avoid the disadvantages of cross-infection between pigs. It makes the meat more hygienic as well. It is currently the most advanced technology of pig scalding.

Steam scalding tunnel pig hog swine abattoir equipment slaughtering machine

4.Horizontal pig dehairing machine

There are different models of horizontal pig hydraulic dehairing machines which are for small, middle and big pigs.

  • With a rake, the pig after scalding is taken out from the scalding tank and automatically enters into the dehairing machine.
  • The hair of pig body is shaved through the tumbling of the large drum and the scraping of soft paddle.
  • Then the planed pig body is released into the trimming conveyor or clean water tank for trimming.
Hydraulic dehairing machine pig hog swine abattoir equipment slaughtering machine
click “pig dehairing machine demo video” to watch how the dehairing machine works.

5.Spiral pig dehairing machine

  • Pig spiral dehairing machine is used in conjunction with top sealed scalding tank or steam scalding tunnel system.
  • The scalded pig is unloaded from the automatic bloodletting conveying line through pig unloader into the spiral dehairing machine.
  • The shaving of soft paddles and the spiral advancement push the shaved pig body from the other end of the dehairing machine and enter the trimming conveyor for trimming.
Spiral dehairing machine pig hog swine abattoir equipment slaughtering machine
Click “Spiral pig dehairing machine” to watch how it works.

Next article we will introduce “Pig Slaughter Line Process 4: Carcass Processing“.

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