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Modern slaughterhouses are designed to meet both the requirements of humane slaughter and hygienic, healthy and safe meat production standards.

The abattoir design should be well done before slaughtering equipment enters the slaughterhouse. The success of the design is related to the subsequent operation of slaughterhouse enterprises and the quality of meat products

Generally, an abattoir includes the overall basic construction, slaughter workshop, water supply system, power supply system, ventilation system, cold and freezing storage system, etc.

This time we will mainly analyze the reasonable design content of slaughtering workshop:

Pre-slaughter area:

It is used to collect and store a large number of animals to be slaughtered.

The pre-slaughter area should be equipped with a roof, a quarantine room, vehicle quarantine, animal unloading device and water and feeding facilities. It should be separately isolated. After the animals are examined by veterinarians, they will be sent to the pre-slaughter area.

Before being slaughtered, please let animals return to normal physical condition. That because it will affect the meat quality if animals do not have a good rest after going to the abattoir. So it is necessary to equip the water and feeding facilities and prevent them from heat, cold and rain.

What are the key structure of the slaughter workshop/line?

The slaughter workshop is divided into: changing room, hanging, bloodletting line, carcass processing line, viscera or offal processing room, quarantine room, acid discharge room, meat cutting line, cold storage, etc.

Cattle Slaughterhouse View

The design of slaughter workshop or complete slaughter line should be designed according to different animals, including the height and length requirements of the workshop. And slaughter bloodletting line should be separated from other functional areas.

In short, the abattoir design will have an effect on the future management and product quality of the enterprise, and different factors need to be considered comprehensively.

We will share more knowledge about abattoir or slaughterhouse in the coming days.

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