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After several weeks’ production, we cannot be more excited to ship poultry/broiler/ chicken A sharp plucker defeathering machine, spiral chiller screw pre-cooling equipment, and other poultry slaughtering or chicken processing equipment to Africa. These abattoir equipments are the most important broiler chicken processing equipment for poultry slaughterhouse.

What is poultry/broiler/chicken/brids A sharp plucker defeathering machine/equipment?

Featured as a high defeathering rate, a long severice life, low noise and convenient adjustments, the A vertical type defeathering machine is mainly used for defeathering the broiler chicken, duck, andd goose. One or two sets of such machine can be operated simultaneously according to the outpout requirements of poultry slaughterhouse.

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What is poultry/broiler/chicken spiral chiller screw pre-cooling equipment?

Poultry/broiler/chicken screw type pre-cooling machine is mainly used for cooling the poultry carcass instantly after they have been slaughtered. The poultry carcass will have a refreshing color and luster after being pre-coolded. One or more sets of such machine may be used simultaneously according to the outpout requirements of poultry slaughterhouse.

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