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cattle slaughter line flow sheet

What is cattle slaughter line?

Cattle slaughter line is a complete slaughter process for cattle or cows in abattoir or slaughterhouse. The line is made by a series of abattoir equipment, slaughter and meat processing machine and accessories. Of course, some machines need works to handle.

cattle slaughter line flow sheet

What are the small scale, medium scale and large scale slaughter lines?

Many owners and investors of abattoir and slaughterhouse always ask us how much a complete cattle slaughter line is. Actually, it depends on your daily production capacity (8 hours working time per day).

  • Minimum capacity: 15-30 heads/day or shift.
  • Small scale:       50-100 heads/day or shift.
  • Medium scale:    150-250 heads/day or shift.
  • Large medium scale: over 350 heads/day or shift.

What is the specific operation process for cattle slaughter line?

cattle slaughter line abattoir equipment machine

  1. Healthy cattle enter waiting lairage or pens→Stop eat/drink for 12-24h→
  2. Weighing→Showering before being slaughtered→
  3. Killing box(if it is halal slaughter line, there is no stunning. Then will use halal killing box)→Stunning→Hoisting→killing→Bleeding(Time:5-6min)→Electrical stimulation→1.cattle slaughter line abattoir equipment processing flow chart
  4. Fore hoof and Horn cutting/Pre-peeling→Sealing the rectum→Hind hoof cutting/Rail transfer→3.cattle slaughter line abattoir equipment processing flow chart
  5. Carcass railing line→Pre-peeling→Peeling/puller(The skins will be transported to a temporary storage room via air delivery system)→4.cattle slaughter line abattoir equipment processing flow chart
  6. Head cutting(The cattle head is hung on the hook of the red viscera offal / the head quarantine conveyor to be inspected)→
  7. Sealing the esophagus→Chest opening→
  8. White viscera offal removal(Enter the tray of the white viscera quarantine conveyor to be inspected→AB)→
  9. Red viscera offal removal(The red viscera is hung on the hook of the red viscera/null head quarantine conveyor to be inspected→BC)→5.cattle slaughter line abattoir equipment processing flow chart
  10. Splitting→Carcass inspection→Trimming→Weighing →Washing→Chilling (0-4℃)→Quartering→Deboning→Cutting→Weighing and packaging→Freezing or keeping fresh→ Cartonning→Cold storage→Sales.6.cattle slaughter line abattoir equipment processing flow chart 7.cattle slaughter line abattoir equipment processing flow chart (1) 8.cattle slaughter line abattoir equipment processing flow chart

A. Qualified white viscera/offal enter the white viscera room for processing. Stomach content is transported to the waste storage room about 50 meters outside the workshop via air delivery system.

B. Unqualified carcasses, red and white viscera offal will be pulled out of the slaughtering workshop for high-temperature treatment.

C. Qualified red viscera offal will be transported to the red viscera room for processing.

We will update more knowledge about cattle slaughter line in the coming days.

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