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V-type transport conveyor sheep goat abattoir equipment slaughtering machine

Recently, some slaughterhouses and meat companies request us to quote 100 heads per shift sheep or goat small abattoir slaughter line. The article will introduce what the main slaughtering equipment are for modern sheep or goat slaughterhouse.

What is sheep or goat abattoir design of small scale sheep or goat slaughterhouse?

The abattoir design is a reasonable layout of the plant, slaughter processing equipment or machine, cold storage system, water and power supply system, sewage treatment system, and environment in a slaughterhouse. There are various factors such as slaughter capacity, budget, size of the plant land and slaughterhouse, which we should consider. Here is the sheep slaughter line design of 100 heads per shift slaughterhouse:

Click here to watch how a modern sheep abattoir slaughtering equipment line works.
Click here to learn slaughter process of cattle abattoir slaughter line.

What are the main slaughtering equipment needed for small scale goat slaughter line ?

The turnkey small sheep abattoir slaughter line includes all the slaughtering equipment, accessories, hooks, etc. Here is goat abattoir slaughtering equipment list:

Product NameSpecificationsQtyUnit
Sheep hoisting machine2.2 KW;galvanizing frame; automatically hoist goats to slaughtering rail1unit
manual driving conveyor lineincluding angle steel rail, 2 direction & 3 direction rail switch, 90°bending rail, drop-hanger frame, bolt, hanger rod.1set
double track rail pulley with hookDg60 galvanized frame, stainless steel long hook.60pcs
sheep feet shackle chainhook pulley type, galvanizing, length 600 mm50pcs
Electric control boxbuilt up type, safety voltage 36V1pcs
sheep stunner1 stunning clamp made of insulation material, 220V 50HZ; 1 electric cabinet with transformer and voltage regulator;1pcs
slaughtering platformhigh strength grid plate;stainless steel armrest;galvanizing frame and support.1pcs
Are you interested in sheep dehider or goat skinning machine? If so, click here to learn more.

What are the most important sheep slaughtering equipment for sheep or goat slaughterhouse?

For small sheep slaughterhouse, it is not necessary to use sheep dehider or skinning machine. The automatic sheep/goat dehider or skinning machine is the most important slaughtering equipment for the processing line of large and medium-sized sheep slaughterhouses. It is mainly used for the sheep peeling function. It has complete and undamaged hides and can reduce the labor intensity of workers. The peeling height can be adjusted, and the running speed can be adjusted in both directions. According to different types of sheep or goat, set and adjust different peeling speeds. The goat/sheep dehider or skinning machine fully hydraulic peeling and stable operation. The frame is divided into stainless steel and carbon steel materials, which is up to customer’s requirements. So goat/sheep dehider or skinning machine is the first choice to reduce labor intensity for sheep/goat abattoir or slaughter house line.

Skinning machine sheep goat abattoir equipment slaughtering machine
Click here to watch how to handle goat/sheep dehider or skinning machine.
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