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1.production of cattle cow abattoir equipment slaughtering machine halal slaughter line slaughterhouse tool

Many thanks for Senegal customers’ visiting and trust. They have been impressed by our factory (click here to watch factory video). It is our great honor to support them with turnkey halal slaughter line solution.

We help them to make abattoir slaughter line design, list and quote all the related cattle slaughter machine ( click hereto watch how a halal cattle abattoir slaughter line works) and goat abattoir equipment (click hereto watch how a halal sheep abattoir slaughter line works).

Now all the equipment are under the production. Hope to ship the cargo to Senegal as soon as possible.

Established in 1984, we are a leading professional manufacturer and turnkey solutions suppliers of abattoir equipment, slaughtering equipment, slaughter machine tool, halal slaughter line, slaughterhouse equipment, meat processing machine for livestock, cattle/cow, horse/camel, sheep/goat, pig/hog and poultry, chicken/broiler/bird abattoir and slaughterhouse.

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