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Bleeding electric stimulation device cattle cow abattoir equipment

Last article, “Cattle/Cow Abattoir Slaughter Line Process 1: Killing & Bloodletting“ has been shared.

So after killing & bloodletting process in a cattle/cow abattoir slaughtering line, it is Cattle/Cow Abattoir Slaughter Line Process 2: Rail Changing & Pre-Skinning/Peeling. Here is the detailed introduction.

Bleeding automatic convey rail cattle cow abattoir equipment
Click here to watch how a modern halal cattle/cow abattoir slaughter line works.
  • After cutting the hind leg of the cattle/cow, hook the hind leg with a roller hook, and after the hoist is lifted, release the other hind leg of the cattle/cow, and hook it on the carcass processing line. The height between the track of the carcass processing automatic conveyor line and the workshop floor is designed to be 4,050mm.
Bleeding feet shackle chain cattle cow abattoir equipment
Click here to watch the factory of Nanjing Hongwei Slaughtering Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.
  • The bleeding shackles return to the upper hanging position of the cow/cattle through the rail of the return system
  • When the cattle/cow enters the carcass processing conveyor, the hind legs are automatically propped up by pneumatic lifting and shift forks. The first leg spacing is designed to be 500 mm, and it enters the carcass processing conveyor for station operation. Carcass processing conveyor distance between stations is 2,100 mm or 2,400 mm.
Carcass processing stepping conveyor cattle cow abattoir equipment
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  • Pre-skinning/peeling the hind legs, chest, and front legs with a peeling knife or or a pneumatic skinning knife.

Next article is ” Cattle/Cow Abattoir Slaughter Line Process 3: Dehiding”.

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