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In a pig abattoir slaughter line, various processes are undertaken to ensure the efficient and hygienic production of pork. Last article, by-products processing has been introduced. One crucial step in this line is the chilling of pig carcasses, particularly the white carcass. Proper chilling helps maintain the quality and safety of the meat while facilitating subsequent processing. This article delves into the details of the pig slaughter line process known as white carcass chilling. (What are the main pig slaughtering equipments needed for modern hog abattoir? )

Preparing the White Pork Carcass:

After trimming and washing, the pig’s white carcass is prepared for chilling. This step involves placing the carcass into an acid chilling room, which plays a vital role in the pork cold cutting process. The purpose of chilling is to reduce the carcass temperature swiftly and safely.

Fast Cooling Technology:

To expedite the chilling process for the white carcass, it is crucial to employ a fast cooling technology and design a corresponding process before introducing the carcass into the acid chilling room. The fast cooling room is designed to have a temperature of -20℃, creating optimal conditions for rapid cooling. The duration of the fast cooling process is typically set at 90 minutes, ensuring efficient chilling.

Acid Chilling Room:

The acid chilling room is the primary environment where the white carcass undergoes further cooling. The temperature within this room is maintained between 0-4℃. It is important to note that the chilling time in the acid chilling room should not exceed 16 hours. This duration is carefully regulated to prevent excessive chilling, which can impact the meat quality.

Design Specifications:

Several design considerations are essential for an effective white carcass chilling process. Firstly, the height of the acid chilling rail is designed to be no less than 2,400 mm above the floor. This elevation ensures adequate space for the carcasses to hang and promotes efficient cooling. The rail spacing, set at 800 mm, allows for the accommodation of three pig white carcasses per meter of rail.

Conclusion: The pig slaughter line process of white carcass chilling is a critical step in maintaining the quality and safety of pork products. By employing fast cooling technologies, optimizing chilling temperatures and durations, and adhering to proper design specifications, abattoirs can ensure an efficient and effective chilling process. In the next article, we will explore the subsequent step in the pig slaughter line, which involves cutting and packaging the carcasses to further prepare them for consumption.

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