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The highest cost-effective slaughtering equipment and meat processing machine are shipped to Belarus for cattle and hog abattoir slaughter line

2.Shipping cattle carcass splitting saw, cattle stunner, pig stunner

We have finished the production of 10 units cattle carcass half splitting saw, 2 units cattle brisket saw, 10 units cattle electric stunner and 10 units hog electric stunner, which we will ship out today.

Cattle carcass half splitting saw is used to cut complete cattle carcass into half part along back and Carcass brisket opening saw is used to opening cattle brisket for evisceration. Both of them are made by stainless steel for cattle cow slaughter line ( demo video).

Hog electric stunner is mainly used to stun pig or together with pig straddle-type conveyor stunning pig operation for hog slaughter line ( demo video).

The above slaughtering equipment and meat processing machine are highly appreciated by many slaughterhouses.

We have all the abattoir equipment, slaughter and meat processing machine and accessories as well as providing the turkey solutions for livestock and poultry slaughterhouse.

Welcome to visit our factory (factory video).

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