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Bleeding automatic convey rail cattle cow abattoir equipment

1. Uses and Features

The cattle hoist is mainly used to lift the cattle that have been turned down from cattle killing box to the upper rail for assassination and bloodletting. It has the characteristics of simple structure and reliable work. Cattle hoist or lifting equipment is a very import cattle slaughtering equipment for cattle/cow slaughterhouse/abattoir slaughtering line. (click here to learn more about cattle abattoir slaughter line)

2. Working principle

The motor uses a direct-coupled cycloid reducer to transmit power to the drive shaft through the chain, and then drives the main chain and push plate to move together through the sprocket of the drive shaft. Lift the upper rail.

Bleeding automatic convey rail cattle cow abattoir equipment
Click here to lean how a halal cattle abattoir slaughter line works.

3. Main technical parameters

  • Lifting height: about 6m
  • Lifting capacity: 1500K
  • Installed power: 3KW
  • Lifting speed: 14m/min
  • Automatic loading type with low pressure control,
  • Hot dip galvanized installation material and safety overload protection
  • Equipped with manual switch and installation materials
  • Connected to the bloodletting buffer track
  • All other steel parts are hot-dip galvanized

4. Machine installation and debugging

After the slaughtering equipment (cattle hoist) is installed in the cattle killing box, it is welded to the I-beam truss. Before installation, the machine must be adjusted on the ground. First, check whether the chain is properly tight and whether the lubrication points are lubricated, and then test run. After everything is normal, it can be installed on the truss as required. After the installation is completed, the empty test run can be carried out, and the load test run can be carried out after normal.

1.cattle slaughter line abattoir equipment processing flow chart
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5. Machine maintenance

1.Pay attention to whether the motor, reducer, bearing, etc. are running normally, the amount of lubricating oil in the reducer should be appropriate, and the new oil should be replaced regularly.

2. All running friction parts are often lubricated with oil.

Check the tightness of the chain frequently and adjust it in time.

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