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sheep dehairing machine

The production maxmium 250 heads/hour sheep / goat dehairing machine is one of the msot cost effective sheep slaughterhouse equipment in a lamb processing plant. It is designed to provide mechanized dehairing of Sheep and goat for the middle-large scale sheep abattoir.

goat dehairing machien installing drawing sheep slaughterhouse equipment 1
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Here is its data sheet:

*Material: Stainless steel 304
*Dehairing Capacity: 100 kg/time(1-2 heads/time); 150-250 heads/h
*Dehairing Time: 30-50 seconds;
*Dehairing Space Length: 1750 mm
*Main Motor Power: 5.5 kw;
*Hydraulic System Motor Power: 1.5 kw;
*Hydraulic Highest Pressure: 10 Mpa;
*Hydraulic Normal Pressure: 6 MPa;
Machine Dimension: 26501400*1850 mm;
Machine Weight: 1500 kg

sheep dehairing machine
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This robust model is capable of cleaning 150-250 goats/ hour maximum. The reinforced frame is manufactured from galvanized mild steel with cover plates in Stainless steel. Fitted with 4 off heavy duty riven shafts , Each shaft is fitted with robust rubber fingers. The complete shafts are mounted onto sealed bearings and driven through geared chain and sprockets. The discharge shaft is lifted hydraulically to automatically eject the sheep/goat once clean.

goat dehairing machien installing drawing sheep slaughterhouse equipment
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Established in 1984, we provide turnkey abattoir solutions for cattle halal slaughter line including the slaughterhouse design, all the slaughtering equipment, slaughter and meat processing machine and accessories, installation and training. We also supply complete slaughterhouse solutions for livestock, horse, sheep or goat, and pig or hog, and poultry chicken or broiler and rabbit.

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