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Carcass pulley hook meat hooks cattle cow abattoir equipment

The double-track pulley is a very regular slaughtering equipment accessory that is used every day in pig/hog slaughterhouse or sheep/goat abattoir slaughtering line (click here to learn how to build a modern abattoir slaughter line).The quality of the pulleys is related to the production capacity and efficiency. We should pay more attention to a few aspects when choosing double track pulley.

First of all, the material of the double-track pulley should be cast steel.

Nowadays, the price of steel is increasing. Many slaughtering equipment manufacturers choose lower-cost cast iron to produce the double-track pulley. In terms of material, cast steel is the most ideal material. Its advantages are high hardness, good toughness, and high firmness of cast steel parts. Even if the pulleys made of ordinary cast iron are galvanized and wrapped, they will be rusty after a long time of use. The advantages of heat resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance make cast steel a real high-quality and low-cost material, which greatly improves the service life of accessories.

Carcass pulley hook meat hooks cattle cow abattoir equipment
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Click here to watch how a halal cattle/cow abattoir slaughter line works.

Furthermore, the quality of the bearing is very important.

A high-quality pulley must be matched with national standard bearings, and must have the qualification certificate of a regular bearing manufacturer. Many pulleys need to be processed by lathes after casting, and then the bearings are installed by professionals. If the quality of the bearings cannot be guaranteed, the bearings will be broken and damaged after a period of use. Many slaughterhouses/abattoirs will choose to throw away the pulleys, which is actually very big waste. If you re-install the bearings produced by reliable and regular manufacturers, the life of the pulley can reach more than 5 years under the condition of normal use by pig/hog slaughterhouse or sheep/goat abattoir.

A plastic shell to protect the pulley

The humidity in the slaughterhouse is generally relatively high. Experienced slaughtering equipment manufacturers will give the pulley sleeve a rust-proof and water-ingressive plastic shell. The purpose is to prevent water and oil stains from entering and prolong the service life of the bearing. As long as the bearing is properly protected, the pulley. The useful life can be greatly improved.

slaughtering hook slaughterhouse hook conveyor
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Regular manufacturers’ quality can be guaranteed.

In addition, pulleys are precision parts that need to be processed by a lathe. The manufacturer’s strict quality control cannot be ignored during production. In the case of ensuring the quality of raw materials, the precision required by the lathe must be strictly controlled. Small errors will cause the pulley itself to fail. Therefore, when purchasing, you must choose the source of regular manufacturers, and you must not buy small workshop products for cheap.

Of course, the above several aspects need to be aware of when the buyers in pig/hog/goat/sheep abattoir slaughterhouse choose and purchase. The absence of problems in ensuring that the above several aspects, the buyer can choose suitable products for their own actual situation. And workers should be careful not to throw from the sky, breaking, this will cause bigger to the bearing damage. Encounter individual parts unqualified products to contact the manufacturer in time to replace the damaged to minimize your losses. Note that you must buy regular manufacturers’ sources!

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