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Bleeding feet shackle chain cattle cow abattoir equipment
Securing Cattle for Rail Changing:Following the completion of the bloodletting process, the hind leg of the cattle is fastened using a cattle feet shackle chain. This ensures stability and control during subsequent operations. Once the hind leg is securely fastened, a roller hook is used to lift and suspend the leg. The opposite hind leg is then released from the shackle and hooked onto the carcass processing line. This strategic maneuver facilitates seamless transition and optimal utilization of the slaughter line.
Efficient Handling on the Carcass Processing Line:Upon entering the carcass processing conveyor, the hind legs of the cattle are automatically propped up using pneumatic lifting and shift forks. This mechanism ensures the proper alignment and spacing of the hind legs during subsequent processing stations. The initial leg spacing is designed to be 500 mm, allowing for smooth movement and accurate positioning as the carcass progresses along the conveyor. The distance between stations on the carcass processing conveyor is typically set at 2,100 mm or 2,400 mm, optimizing the workflow and providing ample space for precise operations.
Precise Pre-Dehiding Techniques:Pre-skinning is a critical step in the cattle abattoir slaughter line process, involving the removal of the hide from the hind legs, chest, and front legs. Skilled workers employ either a peeling knife or a pneumatic skinning knife to ensure efficiency and precision. These specialized tools aid in the clean and swift removal of the hide, preparing the carcass for further processing and subsequent stages in the slaughter line.
Advancing to Dehiding or Skinning:After the pre-skinning process is completed, the carcass moves forward to the subsequent step of dehiding or skinning. This stage involves the removal of the hide from the remaining sections of the animal, such as the torso and neck. Skilled personnel employ various techniques and specialized equipment to execute this task with precision and efficiency. The removal of the hide paves the way for subsequent procedures, including evisceration and further processing of the carcass.
Conclusion:The Cattle Abattoir Slaughter Line Process: Rail Changing and Pre-Dehiding play vital roles in the seamless and efficient operation of abattoirs. Ensuring proper rail changing techniques and utilizing advanced equipment for pre-Dehiding are crucial for maintaining productivity, accuracy, and animal welfare in the cattle abattoir industry. By adhering to established best practices and incorporating technological advancements, abattoirs can optimize their processes, enhance productivity, and meet the demands of a growing market while upholding standards of animal welfare and food safety.

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