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Setting up a complete pig slaughter line involves various specialized equipment tailored to the abattoir’s capacity, design, and budget. This article provides an in-depth look at the essential machinery required for a turnkey pig slaughter line, incorporating the latest technology and best practices in modern pig processing.

Main Equipment for a Pig Slaughter Line

1. Pig Slaughtering Equipment:

  • Stunning Box: Designed for humane stunning before slaughter.
  • Scalding Tank: For loosening hair on the pig’s skin.
  • Dehairing Machine: Automated machine for removing hair from the pig’s body.
  • Singeing Machine: Burns off any remaining hair, ensuring a clean carcass.
  • Carcass Splitting Saw: Used for splitting the carcass into halves.
  • Gambrel Hoist: For suspending and transporting carcasses along the line.
  • Evisceration Platform: Adjustable platform for workers to remove internal organs.

2. Carcass Chilling Equipment:

  • Chilling Room: Equipped with racks and refrigeration units to cool carcasses to the required temperature.
  • Tube Rails and Hangers: For moving carcasses into the chilling room.
  • Cooling Fans: Ensures even distribution of cold air.

3. Deboning and Meat Processing Equipment:

  • Deboning Tables: Ergonomically designed for easy and efficient meat processing.
  • Meat Cutting Conveyor: Automated system for moving meat along the cutting line.
  • Bone Saws: For precise cutting of bones.
  • Meat Grinders and Mixers: For processing various meat products.

4. Cleaning and Sterilization Equipment:

  • Knife Sterilizers: Ensures all cutting tools are sanitized.
  • Hand Washing Stations: Essential for maintaining hygiene standards.
  • Carcass Washing Systems: High-pressure washing equipment for cleaning carcasses

5. By-Products Processing Equipment:

  • Blood Collection System: For collecting and processing blood.
  • Offal Processing Equipment: For handling and processing internal organs.
  • Rendering Machines: Converts waste materials into usable by-products like animal feed or biofuel.

6. Auxiliary Equipment:

  • Conveyors and Rollers: For moving pigs and carcasses through different stages of the process.
  • Electric Control Panels: Centralized systems for monitoring and controlling equipment.
  • Air Compressors: Power various pneumatic tools and machines.

Detailed Equipment List for a Pig Slaughter Line

1. Stunning and Bleeding:

  • Stunning box
  • Bleeding conveyor
  • Automatic hanging device

2. Scalding and Dehairing:

  • Scalding tank
  • Dehairing machine
  • Singeing machine

3. Evisceration and Splitting:

  • Evisceration platform
  • Carcass splitting saw
  • Gambrel hoist

4. Chilling and Storage:

  • Chilling room racks
  • Tube rails and hangers
  • Cooling fans

5. Meat Processing:

  • Deboning tables
  • Meat cutting conveyor
  • Bone saws
  • Meat grinders and mixers

6. Cleaning and Sterilization:

  • Knife sterilizers
  • Hand washing stations
  • Carcass washing systems

7. By-Products Processing:

  • Blood collection system
  • Offal processing equipment
  • Rendering machines

8. Auxiliary Equipment:

  • Conveyors and rollers
  • Electric control panels
  • Air compressors


Understanding the necessary equipment for a complete pig slaughter line is crucial for efficient and hygienic meat processing. This comprehensive list ensures you have all the components needed to set up a modern and effective pig slaughterhouse, tailored to your specific requirements and budget.

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