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Bleeding automatic convey rail cattle cow abattoir equipment

Understanding the necessary equipment for a complete turnkey cattle / cow slaughter line is essential for any abattoir. The list of equipment varies depending on the abattoir’s capacity, design, and budget. This article provides an overview of the key machines and equipment required for a modern cattle slaughterhouse, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of what is needed.

Main Categories of Cattle / Cow Abattoir Equipment

  1. Cattle Slaughter Equipment
  2. Cattle Carcass Chilling Room Equipment
  3. Cattle Carcass Deboning and Segmentation Equipment
  4. Sterilizing and Cleaning Equipment
  5. By-products Processing Equipment
  6. Installation Materials

Detailed Cattle / Cow Slaughter Equipment List

Cattle /Cow Slaughter Equipment

  • Killing Box: Available in halal and regular versions.
  • Tube Rail Bleeding Conveyor Line
  • Automatic Hanging Device
  • Bleeding Platform
  • Hoof Cutting Platform
  • Rail Changing Platform
  • Rail Changing Device
  • Pneumatic Lifter Double Post for Pre-Skinning
  • Skin Dehiding Machine
  • Legs Shackling Stand
  • Pneumatic Lifter Single Post
  • Chest Opening Platform
  • White Offal Removal Platform
  • Red Offal Removal Platform
  • Pneumatic Lifter Double Post for Half Splitting
  • Offal Receiving Tank
  • Carcass Trimming Platform
  • Carcass Quartering Platform
  • Quartered Carcass Re-Hanging Device
  • Carcass Descending Machine
  • High Pressure Carcass Washing Machine
  • Tube Rail Bleeding Feet Shackle Chain
  • Double Track Rail Pulley Hook
  • Hand Push Double Track Rail
  • Hand and Knife Washing and Sterilizing Station
  • Electric Control Box
  • PLC Electric Control Box
  • White Offal Second Receiving Tank
  • Chest Opening Saw
  • Belt Type Half Splitting Saw
  • Balancer
  • Slaughter Hook Position Fixer

Cattle / Cow Beef Carcass Chilling Room Equipment

  • Tube Rail
  • Pipe Rail Bends
  • Switches
  • Pipe Rail Hangers
  • Rail Breakers

Cattle / Cow Beef Carcass Deboning and Segmentation Equipment

  • Pipe Rail
  • Pipe Rail Bends
  • Switches
  • Pipe Rail Hangers
  • Rail Breakers
  • Bone Saw Cutter
  • Slope Quadruple Descent Machine
  • Meat Cutting Conveyor
  • Deboning Table
  • Packing Table
  • Gut Buggies

Sterilizing and Cleaning Equipment

  • Washing and Sterilization Device
  • Cattle Head Washing Device
  • Hand Washing Device with Knife Sterilizer
  • Chest Saw Sterilizer
  • Split Half Saw Sterilizer
  • Quarter Saw Sterilizer
  • Handheld Shower
  • Belt Split Half Saw
  • Chest Saw
  • Quarter Saw
  • Air Compressor
  • Dehiding Chain Sterilization Equipment

By-products Processing Equipment

  • Tripe Washing or Cleaning Machine
  • Cattle / Cow Hoof Dehairing Machine
  • Cattle / Cow Hoof Shell Removing Machine

Installation Materials

  • Process Main Steel Beam
  • Secondary Beam
  • Suspension Material


This comprehensive list covers the essential equipment needed for a fully operational cattle slaughter line. Each piece of equipment plays a vital role in ensuring efficiency, hygiene, and quality in the meat processing workflow. Proper selection and installation of these machines will help meet the demands of modern slaughterhouse operations and regulatory standards.

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