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Pig head processing is a real challenge for many pig abattoirs or swine slaughterhouses. It takes much time and labor cost to remove the hair from pig head after being slaughtered. So why not use full-automatic pig head dehairing machine for your pig abattoir slaughter line?

What is the pig head dehairing machine(pig slaughtering equipment)?

As one of the pig abattoir slaughtering equipment, the automatic pig head dehairing machine is mainly composed of dehairing rod, transmission device, pig head pass device, frame, transmission chain, tightening device, spray pipe, head taking- off frame and other components.

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This pig slaughtering equipment has the advantages of high efficiency, clean depilation, no damage to the pig head, less hair on the cutting edge, and the track is not easy to be blocked by pig hair. Using chain transmission mode and continuous operation, the automatic pig head deharing machine help greatly reduce the working time and improve the work efficiency.

Pig slaughter line process flow abattoir equipment slaughterhouse tool slaughtering equipment slaughter line meat processing machine
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Established in 1984, we provide turnkey abattoir solutions for pig or hog slaughter line including the slaughterhouse design, all the slaughtering equipment, slaughter and meat processing machine and accessories, installation and training. We also supply complete slaughterhouse solutions for livestock, cattle or cow, horse, sheep or goat, and poultry or chicken or broiler

In front of this pig head dehairing machine( pig slaughtering equipment), it should be equipped with a hot stamping pool/tank or automatic hot scalding machine, so that the pig head can be into the dehairing machine after even dipping.

Technical parameters:

  • Voltage: 380 v
  • Size: 3200 * 1700 * 1900 mm
  • Power: 6 kw
  • Efficiency: 300 head/hour
With 50000㎡ production area, 7 workshops, 210 staffs, 36 senior engineers and ISO9001 certified, our slaughtering equipment, slaughter and meat processing machine are high cost-effective and appreciated by customers. State Trading Bureau of P.R.C. designates us as the model for slaughtering and processing industry in China.

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