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Pettitoes is a delicious dish in many countries such as Europe, Latin America, East Asia and Southeast Asia. So there are many pig abattoirs or swine slaughter houses in these areas or countries. But pig feet processing takes much time and labor cost. The pig feet splitting machine help pig abattoir or swine slaughterhouse to solve the problem because its capacity is 2000 foots per day for a pig slaughter line.

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Technical parameters are as follows:

  1. Voltage: 380 v
  2. Power: 2.2 KW
  3. Size: 860 * 860 * 950 mm
  4. Efficiency: 2000 PCS/hour

As one of the pig slaughtering equipment, it is very easy for slaughtermen or butchery to handle. Its advantages are splitting evenly, high efficiency, simple operation, and saving labor. Please follow these below steps to handle:

3.pig feet splitting machine slaughtering equipment manufacturer
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Established in 1984, we provide turnkey abattoir solutions for cattle halal slaughter line including the slaughterhouse design, all the slaughtering equipment, slaughter and meat processing machine and accessories, installation and training. We also supply complete slaughterhouse solutions for livestock, horse, sheep or goat, and pig or hog, and poultry chicken or broiler and rabbit.
  • Turn on the power supply.
  • Place the pig feet at the entrance of the pig feet splitting machine.
  • Then the machine starts working.

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