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cattle halal rotary killing box

Parameters of the Halal Cattle Rotary Killing Box

  1. Material: The Halal Cattle Rotary Killing Box is constructed using hot galvanizing, a process that imparts corrosion resistance and durability to the equipment, ensuring its longevity even in demanding operational environments.
  2. Dimension: The equipment boasts a substantial dimension of 2540x2100x2400mm, providing ample space for the efficient handling of cattle during the slaughter process.
  3. Inner Dimension: With an inner dimension of 2176x784x1530mm, the Halal Cattle Rotary Killing Box accommodates the cattle comfortably, facilitating a controlled and streamlined slaughtering process.
  4. Weight: Weighing in at 3800kg, the equipment maintains a sturdy and stable presence, essential for maintaining safety and precision during the slaughter operation.
  5. Rotatory Capability: The Halal Cattle Rotary Killing Box is capable of rotating 180 degrees, ensuring optimal positioning of the cattle for a seamless slaughtering procedure.
  6. Slaughtering Capacity: With a remarkable capacity of at least 60 cattle per hour, the equipment underscores its efficiency and suitability for high-volume slaughterhouse operations.

Key Components of the Halal Cattle Rotary Killing Box​

The Halal Cattle Rotary Killing Box is equipped with essential components that contribute to its seamless operation:
  1. Electrical Box: A centralized electrical control hub that governs the various functionalities of the equipment.
  2. Control Cabinet: A comprehensive control panel that enables operators to manage the different aspects of the slaughtering process efficiently.
  3. Hydraulic Power Unit: This crucial component powers the rotary mechanism, ensuring smooth and controlled rotation of the cattle during slaughtering.
  4. Solenoid Valve: An integral part of the hydraulic system, the solenoid valve regulates the flow of hydraulic fluid, contributing to the precise movement of the equipment.
  5. Cattle Head Controlling Device: This device guarantees the humane and secure restraint of the cattle’s head during the slaughtering process, aligning with ethical and halal standards.

Operational Workflow of the Halal Cattle Rotary Killing Box

The Halal Cattle Rotary Killing Box is designed for an orchestrated and respectful slaughtering process:
  1. Cattle Entrance: Live cattle are directed through a designated passageway into the rotatory slaughtering box, ensuring a controlled and organized entry.
  2. Secure Restraint: The slaughtering box is closed, securely containing the cattle and providing controlled access to the head for restraint.
  3. Controlled Rotation: The equipment rotates the cattle by 180 degrees, positioning the chest and legs upward, creating an ideal stance for the slaughtering procedure.
  4. Humane Slaughter: The cattle are slaughtered humanely and bled according to halal principles, upholding religious and ethical guidelines.
  5. Post-Slaughter Handling: After slaughter, the box is opened, and the carcass is carefully suspended and transported for further processing.

Incorporating Advanced Techniques of the Halal Cattle Rotary Killing Box

The Halal Cattle Rotary Killing Box embodies advanced techniques for halal cattle slaughter:
Flap Box Entry: The equipment’s flap box entry system enables efficient and safe cattle ingress, setting the stage for a controlled and respectful slaughter.
Bloodletting Rail: A meticulously designed bloodletting rail facilitates the seamless transfer of the slaughtered cattle, ensuring a swift and hygienic post-slaughter process.
Height Considerations: The equipment’s design takes into account the optimal height of the bloodletting rail, maintaining a standardized height of 5,100mm from the workshop floor. Additionally, for hand-push cattle rail lines, the recommended design slope of 0.3-0.5% enhances operational efficiency.
The Halal Cattle Rotary Killing Box stands as a testament to the marriage of technology, ethics, and tradition in the realm of cattle slaughter. With its precise engineering, comprehensive features, and adherence to halal principles, this equipment represents a crucial advancement in the evolution of cattle slaughterhouse operations. It not only ensures the humane treatment of cattle but also underscores the industry’s commitment to upholding religious and ethical standards.

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