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Skinning machine sheep goat abattoir equipment slaughtering machine

Recently, many meat companies and owners of slaughterhouses or abattoirs have asked us how much the sheep/goat dehider/peeler is. As we may know, with the high frequency of use, sheep dehider or skinning machine is one of the most important goat/sheep abattoir slaughtering equipment.

What is goat dehider or sheep skinning machine(sheep slaughtering equipment)?

The automatic sheep/goat dehider or skinning machine is the main supporting slaughtering equipment for the processing line of large and medium-sized slaughter houses. It is mainly used for the sheep peeling function. It has complete and undamaged hides and can reduce the labor intensity of workers. The peeling height can be adjusted, and the running speed can be adjusted in both directions. According to different types of sheep or goat, set and adjust different peeling speeds. The goat/sheep dehider or skinning machine fully hydraulic peeling and stable operation. The frame is divided into stainless steel and carbon steel materials, which is up to customer’s requirements. So goat/sheep dehider or skinning machine is the first choice to reduce labor intensity for sheep/goat abattoir or slaughter house line.

Skinning machine sheep goat abattoir equipment slaughtering machine
Click here to watch how to handle goat/sheep dehider or skinning machine.
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The Data Details of goat dehider / peeler or sheep skinning/peeling machine:

  • 1)-Pneumatic Cylinder: 1600mm
  • 2)-Out Size: 950X530X2600mm (LXWXH)
  • 3)-Roller speed: 1.6-16m/min
  • 4)-Rated Voltage: 380V/ 3P / 50HZ
  • 5)-Power: 1.5Kw
  • 6)-Maximum operating pressure:0.6MPa
  • 7)-Material:
    • Ø Stainless steel
    • Hot galvanized steel
Sheep slaughtering process flow
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How much is goat dehider or sheep skinning machine(sheep slaughterhouse equipment)?

Due to the on-going epidemic and global inflation, all the material cost have been increasing so much. But we will try to offer the best price, and of course guarantee the quality. If you have any interest, please contact our sales team. Email: [email protected] Whatsapp:+86 18136781121/+86 18252567156

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