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The maintenance of abattoir equipment or slaughter line machines is divided into daily maintenance, primary maintenance, secondary maintenance and tertiary maintenance according to the type, workload and difficulty of slaughter machinery and equipment.

Daily maintenance of slaughtering equipment

Daily or routine maintenance is performed by the operators to carry out abattoir equipment or slaughter machines maintenance before getting off work every day. It includes slaughtering equipment cleaning, refueling, slaughter machine adjustment, replacement of individual parts, checking lubrication, sound, oil leakage, safety accessories and wear pattern etc., and make daily maintenance records.

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Primary maintenance of slaughtering equipment

The primary or first-level maintenance is the regular inspection and maintenance of slaughtering equipment, usually once a week. The primary maintenance focuses on inspection.

The main contents are inspection, cleaning, and adjustment of various operating parameters; Check the oil circuit, oil quality, and oil volume.

Check and adjust the indicating instruments and safety protection devices. If the hidden troubles are found, they must be eliminated in time.

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After the primary maintenance is completed, all the slaughtering equipment must meet the following requirements:

  • The equipment is clean and bright.
  • The oil path is unobstructed.
  • The oil flow is good.
  • The operation is flexible.
  • The operation is normal.
  • Safety protection and indicating instruments are complete and reliable.

The maintenance personnel should record the main maintenance contents, hidden dangers, abnormalities, test operation results, and operating performance discovered and eliminated during the maintenance process. The primary maintenance is mainly done by professional maintenance personnel and assisted by equipment operators.

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Secondary maintenance of slaughtering equipment

The secondary maintenance is the regular maintenance and repair of the equipment, usually once a month, which is mainly based on the maintenance of the technical condition of the equipment. The workload of the secondary maintenance is between the part of the medium repair and the minor repair, and is mainly aimed at the easy repair of the equipment. Repair or replace damaged parts that are worn and damaged.

  • The secondary maintenance must complete all the work of the primary maintenance, and also requires all the lubrication parts to be cleaned.
  • Combined with the oil change cycle, check the lubricating oil quality, clean and change the oil. Check the dynamic technical status and main accuracy of slaughtering equipment, replace or repair parts.
  • Check the installation of each mold.
  • Check and repair safety devices.
  • Before and after the secondary maintenance, the dynamic and static technical conditions of the equipment should be measured, and maintenance records should be made.
  • The secondary maintenance is dominated by professional maintenance personnel.
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Tertiary maintenance of slaughtering equipment

The tertiary or third-level maintenance is the regular maintenance and repair of the equipment. Generally, it is included in the annual maintenance plan twice a year.

  • In order to standardize the tertiary or third-level maintenance, it should be based on the wear, performance, accuracy, and possibility of failure of each part of the equipment.
  • In the off-season of production tasks every year, the maintenance and repair content and plan, replacement parts schedule and maintenance cost budget of the equipment are formulated.
  • According to the use status of the slaughter line equipment, and they can be executed after being approved by the general manager.
  • The maintenance content includes all the contents of secondary maintenance. Keep the slaughter machinery and equipment always in good condition.

All kinds of maintenance must be carried out regularly, and the maintenance interval and operation items must be carried out item by item in accordance with the regulations and technical requirements of the abattoir or slaughtering equipment manufacturer manual, and no leakage or non-guarantee shall be allowed.

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