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Hanging bleeding Conveyor & Shackle pig hog swine abattoir equipment

Last article shares “Pig Slaughter Line Process 6: By-product Processing —Detailed Introduction” in a pig abattoir slaughter line.

Let us learn about Pig Slaughter Line Process 7: White Carcass Chilling. Here are the details:

Hanging bleeding Conveyor & Shackle pig hog swine abattoir equipment
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1.Put the trimmed and washed pig white carcass into acid chilling room for chilling, which is an important part of the pork cold cutting process.

2.In order to shorten chilling time for pig white carcass, a fast cooling technology and process should be considered ad designed before pig carcass enter the acid chilling room.

The temperature of fast cooling room is designed as -20℃.

The time of fast cooling time is designed as 90 minutes.

3.The temperature of the acid chilling room is 0-4℃. The chilling time should not exceed 16 hours.

4.The height of the acid chilling rail design from the floor is no less  than 2,400 mm. Rail spacing/distance is 800 mm, and the chilling room can hang 3 pigs’ white carcass per meter of rail.

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