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Pig head cutting dehairing machine pig hog swine abattoir equipment slaughtering machine

Last article, “Pig Slaughter Line Process 5: Synchronized Quarantine” in a pig abattoir slaughter line has been shared.

Today, let us learn about Pig Slaughter Line Process 6: By-product Processing.

1.The qualified white viscera enters the white viscera processing room through the white viscera chute. The stomach or tripe contents in the belly and intestine are poured into the air delivery tank.

2.The compressed air is filled to conveyed the stomach/tripe contents through the air conveying pipe.

3.Wash the pig tripe/stomach with tripe washing machine. Pack the cleaned intestines and tripe into a cold storage or fresh-keeping warehouse. 

Click “Tripe Washing Machine Test Demo Video” to watch how it works.

4.Qualified red viscera enters the red viscera processing room through the red viscera chute.

5.Clean the heart, liver and lungs, and pack them into a cold storage of fresh-keeping warehouse.

Next article is “Pig Slaughter Line Process 7: White Carcass Chilling”.

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