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Automatic singeing machine furnaces pig hog swine abattoir equipment slaughtering machine

As one of most important pig slaughter line equipment/machine/system, the singeing system is mainly divided into three steps, namely drying, singeing, and polishing, which correspond to the three types of pig slaughtering machinery on the pig slaughter line. (click here to learn what the main slaughter equipment/machines for pig slaughterhouse/abattoir)

Splitting band saw reciprocating splitting saw automatic splitting machine pig hog swine abattoir equipment slaughtering machine
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Since pig hair is difficult to remove at one time, and the hair removal efficiency of various shaving machines is not very high, further trimming work must be carried out on the shaved pigs to achieve the goal of complete hair removal. This process can be done manually, or the flame singeing system can be used. The system is composed of multiple devices. It mainly includes three most important equipments: pre-dryer, singeing furnace and black scraping and polishing machine. These devices can limit the growth of microorganisms to the greatest extent, thereby improving the quality of hygiene.


The pre-dryer or washing machine is the first process equipment after the pig has been shaved, trimmed and shaved, and then lifted to the track again. This process is the best preparation for flame singeing in the subsequent process. After bloodletting of the hairy pigs and before scalding, they must also be pre-cleaned with a washing machine, which has achieved the purpose of removing most of the germs on the hairy pigs.

Singe Furnace

After being shaved and trimmed, most of the pig hair on the pig carcass is removed. But there is still a part, especially the small and fine fluff that has not been shaved. After the pig carcass enters the singeing furnace, the photoelectric sensor switch sends a signal to ignite a long open flame to perform the singeing operation. The machine uses four rows of nozzle groups, each group is composed of more than ten nozzles. When the signal is received, it is ignited by a long open flame. The machine has a high degree of automation and does not require manual control, which saves time and effort.

Automatic singeing machine furnaces pig hog swine abattoir equipment slaughtering machine
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Black scraping and polishing machine

After the pig carcass passes through the flame singeing, the charred part of the body is processed by a black scraping and polishing machine to restore the pig carcass to its original appearance. The principle of the black-scraping and polishing machine is the same as that of the pre-drying machine. The motor drives the rollers to rotate, and the rollers drive the nylon belt around the body to rotate, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning and scraping the black. However, the washing method of this equipment includes left and right and up and down, so that the polishing effect is more remarkable.

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