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Hydraulic dehairing machine pig hog swine abattoir equipment slaughtering machine

Among the slaughtering equipment, the demand for pig abattoir slaughter line equipment is the largest. Among the entire pig slaughter line equipment/machinery, the demand for pig dehairing machines is the highest. The stainless steel scalding tanks/pools are the most commonly used to be matched with dehairing machines. 

Carcass scalding tank pig hog swine abattoir equipment slaughtering machine
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Small pig abattoir/slaughterhouses generally use cement scalding tanks instead of stainless steel scalding tanks. But the temperature of the cement scalding tanks is not constant, and the cement blocks will fall off in a continuous high temperature environment, which affects the pig scalding effect.

Generally, the temperature of scalding pigs is maintained at 61-62℃. Cement scalding pools often fail to reach a constant temperature. The stainless steel scalding tank solves the problem.

Spiral dehairing machine pig hog swine abattoir equipment slaughtering machine
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The stainless steel scalding tank is heated by electric heating pipes, and the temperature is constant. It is very convenient and fast, saving the trouble of boiling water. But the cement scalding tank requires manual water boiling, which is troublesome and wastes time.

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