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After Cattle/Cow Abattoir Slaughter Line Process 6: By-product Processing, the next process for a cattle/cow abattoir slaughter house line is Beef Half Carcass Chilling.

The chilling processing is the process of beef tenderization and maturation. The beef chilling is an very important link in the slaughter and processing of beef cattle. It is also an very important part of producing high-end beef.

  • Temperature control during chilling: 0-4℃.
  • The chilling time is generally 60-72 hours.
  • Depending on the breed and age of the cattle/cow, the chilling time of some beef meat will be longer.
  • Detect whether the acid discharge is mature, mainly to detect the pH value of the beef. When the pH value is in the range of 5.8-6.0, the beef discharge is mature.
  • The height of the chilling rail from the floor of the chilling room is 3500-3600mm; the track pitch is: 900-1000mm, and the chilling room can hang 3 half carcass per meter of rail.
  • The area design of the chilling room is related to the slaughter volume and slaughter method of beef cattle.
sheep abattoir equipment meat rail system
Click here to watch how a modern halal abattoir slaughter line works.
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Next process is ” Cattle/Cow Abattoir Slaughter Line Process 8: Beef Quartered.”

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