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After Cattle/Cow Abattoir Slaughter Line Process 7: Beef Half Carcass Chilling, the next process for a cattle/cow abattoir slaughter house line is Beef Quartered, which is an optional processing line based on on the meat plant’s actual situation and business mode.

  • Push the matured beef to the quartered carcass station.
  • Cut off the middle of the bisected body with a quadrant saw.
  • The back leg part is lowered from the 3600mm rail to the 2400mm rail by the descending machine, and the front leg part is raised from a 1200mm rail to a 2400mm rail by the hoisting machine.
  • The large-scale abattoir/slaughterhouse and meat processing plant is designed with a quadrant storage room. The distance between the quartered carcass rail and the ground between the quartered carcass is 2400mm.
Carcass washing cleaning machine cattle cow abattoir equipment
Click here to watch how a modern cattle abattoir slaughter line works.
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Next process is ” Cattle/Cow Abattoir Slaughter Line Process 9: Deboning Segmentation and Packaging.

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