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After Cattle/Cow Abattoir Slaughter Line Process 8: Beef Quartered, the next process for a cattle/cow abattoir slaughterhouse line is Deboning Segmentation & Packaging, which is an optional processing line based on on the meat plant’s actual situation and business mode. Here is the details:

Hanging and deboning:

  • Push the quartered carcass to the deboning area
  • hang the quartered carcass on the production line.
  • The deboning staff puts the cut large pieces of meat on the segmentation conveyor and automatically transmits them to the segmentation staff.
  • And then divided into various parts of meat.

Deboning on the chopping board:

  • Push the quartered carcass to the deboning area.
  • Take the quartered carcass from the production line and place it on the chopping board for deboning.

Packaging and Storage

  • After the cut meat is vacuum packaged, put it in the freezing tray and push it to the freezing room (-30℃) for freezing or to the finished product cooling room (0-4℃) to keep it fresh.
  • Pack the frozen product pallets and store them in the refrigerator (-18℃).
Temperature control
  • Temperature control of deboning and segmentation room: 10-15℃,
  • temperature control of packaging room: below 10℃.
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