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We are glad to ship 650 pcs pig/hog dehairing scraper paddles to Cebu, Philippines, which is for hog slaughterhouse dehairing equipment/machine(click here to learn how to handle the pig dehairing equipment.)

Click here to learn what the main slaughtering equipment for a pig abattoir slaughte line.
Click here to watch how a modern pig slaughterhouse line works.

Our customers own one of the biggest hog/pig abattoir slaughter processing line in Cebu, Philippines. They have the most advanced hog/pig slaughtering equipment and slaugher processing line.

Click here to watch the factory video of professional supplier and manufacturer of slaughter equipment and slaughtering line.
Established in 1984, we are a leading professional manufacturer and supplier of abattoir equipment and turnkey solutions for livestock, cattle/cow, horse/camel, sheep/goat, pig/hog and poultry, chicken/broiler/bird abattoir and slaughter house.

In March of 2021, they sent an inquiry for 650 pcs pig dehairing scraper paddles to us. After the discussion and quotation, they purchased 5 pcs samples for testing. After receiving the samples, they installed and it has been working very well till now. So in the end of Aug, they confirmed the order of 650 pcs pig/hog dehairing scraper paddles. After several weeks’ production, we delivered to Shanghai today and they will receive them in the mid of Oct, 2021.

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Click here to learn how to build a modern slaugherhouse/abattoir.

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