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Cattle Slaughterhouse View

When it comes to slaughtering equipment which is good, many customers and even manufacturers will say, “Of course it is highly mechanized”-this is a big mistake.

Actually, good slaughter line equipment has the following points:

1. The first is definitely the material. The thickness tolerance of the national standard material is small, and the hardness is higher than that of the non-standard material. From this point of view, the same thickness and the same slaughter equipment, the national standard material is stronger than the non-standard material in terms of texture and weight.

Nanjing Hongwei-Abattoir Equipment Manufacturer slaughtering machine slaughter line slaughterhouse tool meat processing
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Established in 1984, we are a leading professional manufacturer and turnkey solutions suppliers of abattoir equipment, slaughtering equipment, slaughter machine tool, slaughter line, slaughterhouse equipment, meat processing machine for livestock, cattle/cow, horse/camel, sheep/goat, pig/hog and poultry, chicken/broiler/bird.

2. In terms of installation process, the quality of slaughtering equipment is one aspect, the key is whether it is useful or not, it also depends on the installation details. For a detail of a process, those with installation experience will notice that this place is longer, this place cannot be long or short, and the inclination is appropriate. It is only available to skilled hands with long-term installation experience. Several engineers of our company are all from the installation team leader. Even if there is a gap between the drawings drawn by the technician and the installation place, our installation team leader can change the installation process according to the actual situation and the needs of the customer. We have many years of practical experience in the transformation of old slaughterhouses, so we know which conditions and which details of the process need to be practical, so as to facilitate the operating habits of the operators. The operating habits of people in each region, province and city are different, which directly affects the practicability of this abattoir slaughter line.

Cattle Slaughterhouse View
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For example, the peeling part of the vertical sheep wrangling machine is not as long as possible. On the contrary, it is more practical to be shorter. For the landing sanitary inspection of the visceral part, the design of the sanitary inspection tray is located just below the visceral removal station, so that the operator There is no need to turn around and put the internal organs…

Therefore, it is not enough to produce or manufacture the slaughtering equipment….

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